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1527651After a spate of suicide cases including young teens that shocked Malaysia a couple of years back, few suspected that among the tales of broken hearts to parental pressures, gay bullying may be another cause to the rise of suicide cases among adolescents, especially with the increasing climate of hatred against sexual and gender minorities generated by anti-gay politicians against the growing visibility of the LGBT movement.

A call to the local Befrienders KL (a support system for depressed and suicidal people) revealed that they do regularly receive calls from gays, lesbians and transgender people, with gay men making up a huge bulk of their callers.

However, there has not been a mainstream news report on any youth suicide of such, with a safe assumption that it may be due to the culture of gay shaming in Asia.

Until today; Malaysia’s Chinese newspaper China Press reports of a teen suicide linked to gay bullying.

(Hat-tip and translation: Felix Liew of Good Samaritan Kuala Lumpur.)

(Serdang, 8/2/14) A 13-year-old boy in Form One who scored 4As in the UPSR exam last year was ridiculed by classmates for acting sissy like a “pondan.” The humiliation was apparently too great for the boy to bear, so much so that he ended up taking his own life by drinking pesticide in the toilet.

Earlier, the deceased had sought help from a teacher who had then reprimanded the students involved, but they continued to make fun of him. The deceased’s mother had intended to go to the school next week to talk about the problem, but before that could happen, her son had committed suicide yesterday.

The deceased* who lived in Bandar Rinching, Semenyih, was the eldest among four siblings. Their father had passed away more than a year ago.

The teenager died after drinking a bottle of pesticide last night in the toilet of his home. His body was later taken to Hospital Serdang for a post mortem.

The deceased’s 43 years old mother*, when met at the hospital, said that it was not long after her son started attending the new school when he complained of being ridiculed by classmates. She said her son’s appearance and demeanor was considered “sissy” and he was continuously laughed at by classmates who called him “pondan.”

She said she had advised her son that if he ever encountered any problem, that he should try to solve it on his own and not bother asking help from the family. She had advised him to seek help from his teacher, and if he could not communicate in Bahasa, he could get help from an Indian teacher.

She revealed that her deceased husband, who had planted some vegetables in their backyard before, had stored some leftover pesticide on a high shelf in the toilet. Her son had gone into the toilet at about 9:15 pm and had allegedly consumed the pesticide.

Upon discovery by the family, the boy was rushed to a nearby clinic, but the effect of the poison kicked in and he died in the clinic.

Meanwhile, Kajang District police chief Assistant Commissioner Ab Rashid confirmed the report of the teenager’s suicide.

When asked if the deceased had taken his life as the result of his classmates’ ridicule, the police indicated that they had not received such a complaint. For the time being, the case has been classified as sudden death.

*The correct names of the deceased and his mother could not be ascertained as of translation time.

Note: In Malaysia, “pondan” is a derogatory term often used to verbally abuse effeminate boys.
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