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image from Rolling Stone magazine. Every year, there are hundreds of lesbians, gays and transgender people bullied to death and murdered worldwide. Yet to some, the dead victims are the bullies. The real bullies never start admitting hate.

Having fundamentalist wingnuts parroting paranoid rubbish about people with different sexual orientation and gender identity, is a norm in a region like ASEAN.

Rarely though, do we get someone who espouses utter ridiculousness, calling people responding with a campaign against a homophobic and transphobic bully, as bullies.

What more preposterous can one get when they accuse innocent lesbians, gays and transgender people of bullying by using more misrepresentations and parroting myths, that is the habit of people who have little knowledge about people they pour prejudice on.

Such is the bigot Zulfikar Shariff. Let us observe his unsound imagination and his fantasies regarding victimhood.

For sometime, we hear the homosexual lobby play the victim card… That their sexual proclivities should be recognised. That their immorality should not be questioned. (emphasis added)” 

Homosexuals and transgender people are victims. Hello? We have to bear with bigots like Zulfikar Shariff’s constant insistence of inexistent sexual proclivities and immorality concerning our mere attractions to other people.

On top of that, LGBTs are discriminated, gay youth experience violence, same-sex couples are being harassed, lesbian students get picked on in colleges, homosexuals usually are targeted, transgender people are often denied housing, extremists misuse religion as an excuse to abuse LGBTs, etc. We are victims, and guess who is victimizing us?

Bullies? When we have a grand collection of body bags due to murders and suicides worldwide? Oh, I forgot, apparently whatever the case, we ares till the “bullies”.

They demanded for their choices to be accepted and normalised… Their lifestyle and choices are seen as given. The victim card is played repeatedly. (emphasis added)

Implying that homosexuals are choices? What choices? Work? Sports? How to make more money so we can have a lifestyle like the rich and famous? Oh, he meant sexual orientation? So please, can someone ask Zulfikar to choose to be gay? Please, he must know how it is done, since he is so full of choices.

But today, we see how vicious the homosexual lobby really is. How intolerant they really are. How vindictive their tactics.

In case some still insist on calling lesbian, gay and transgender advocates as intolerant, please remind them that we are often under attack by people like Zulfikar Shariff and Khairudin Aljunied, who both like to reduce our love lives to nothing but sex, and calling our beings as nothing more than a “lifestyle”. Yeah, we are verbally-abused to the point of our genocidal “cleansing” and when we speak out and they call us vindictive.

When Assoc Prof Khairudin Aljunied wrote his Facebook post on the need to cleanse society of homosexual behaviour, homosexual advocates launched a campaign against him. “Benjamin Seet, a graduate student in Political Science; Melissa Tsang, a former Law student who is reapplying for admission into Arts; and Khairulanwar Zaini a final-year undergraduate in Political Science and Philosophy” are organising a petition to be submitted to the Provost of NUS against Khairudin.

And what is wrong with highlighting bigotry? Educators are expected to be impartial and unbiased, and their jobs demand them to have dignity in non-discriminatory behaviour. Do anyone wants a professor that will prejudice his students? What kind of learning environment is Khairudin Aljunied fostering with hateful thoughts?

For these homosexual advocates, their behaviour is beyond reproach.

Speaking up against an educator who parrots extreme hate-mongering remarks is beyond reproach. Yeah. Right.

Anyone who dares to question their immorality is targeted. (emphasis mine)

First of all, he should define the said immorality before questioning. Khairudin called my very person a cancer, a disease that can spread like a wildfire, leading to his comical censoring of himself and then accusing people of censoring him (huh?). He hates me, and speaks hateful ignorant lies about me. And all this is done in the name of his personal beliefs, which should never be injected into any learning institutions. Who is immoral?

Anyone who seek to return society to family values would be attacked.

Family values? Do they know our families (if we still have them)? Heck, do they even know our adopted families, or even friends? Are LGBTs really incapable of compassion, love, unity, justice, heart, and every quality that makes family values?

Anyone who raise any objection to their attempt to make homosexuality normal is abused.

Abuse? What sort? Did we say anything in the lines of Zulfikar Shariff’s behavior requiring cleansing?

That fella Khairudin makes ridiculous hateful remarks on people like us. A few people wrote a letter calling him to apologize and withdraw his remarks, and undergo counselling to see the error of his bigotry – that is called abuse?

We need to be clear that the homosexual lobby is not about creating safe spaces. They are not interested in engagement. They have no interest in debates. They do not care about morality or positive conduct.

Perhaps when primitive and paranoid people like Zulfikar and Khairudin stop misrepresenting my existence by sexualizing my being and making me sound health-hazardously contagious, they are more than free to engage with me.

 “All they want is for their behaviour to be recognised. And anyone who speak against it is an enemy that need to be removed.

Khairudin and Zulfikar would be better off recognizing people like me. Because I do not revel in severe disconnect to truth and engage in extreme antagonistic behaviour. We never call anyone enemies. However, they already declared us as such.

Lets not kid ourselves. They are not a tolerant group.

What do you call people like Zulfikar and Khairudin who likes to unleash extreme vitriol of hatred?

So, now that we put things into real perspective, allow me to answer Zulfikar’s many questions:

The question for us is a simple one. What do we do about these intolerant, militant and self interested homosexual lobby?

And I will give a simple reply; give lesbians, gays, and transgender people equality, justice and love, just as anyone else. For example; present to us a safe learning environment unadulterated by hateful professors and students who bullies, and treat us like everyone else.

Is that too much to ask for? Or is Zulfikar considering that prejudice and discrimination is right? Oh, perhaps he would start calling me militant and self-interested in asking for the same rights? Okay, so to him, justice and equality = militant homosexual lobby. That have not made any sense since homosexual = sodomy or gay = end of the world (duh!).

Do we keep quiet and cower while they attack anyone who dare to speak?

Nope. But the problem is, the “attack” implied here is in the form of a letter asking Khairudin to apologize for his hate post, and the “speak” is a venomous tirade against lesbians.

Alrighty then, asking the “professor” to take responsibilities for his actions: a powerful attack! The “professor” launched hate speech that involves genocide: a speech that goes thud…

 “Or do we finally say that this enough?

Yeah! Stop prejudice! Enough of hate! Hurrah!

How we respond define not only how our society will be.

Yes, I am sure we do not wish to have a society that preaches hate towards people who are different, especially to our youth. And I am definitely certain our society will eventually cease to create illusions of some homosexual “cancer” and start treating people decently like human beings, and that people like Zulfikar and Khairudin should not be allowed to hurt people anymore.

It also defines who we are. Are we social cowards who realise the homosexual lobby is taking advantage of our silence and continue to keep our mouths shut?

Wait, what about the silence? Let us remind ourselves now, what happened; Khairudin decided one day to post awful remarks on his FaceBook against sexual and gender minorities. What, he did that, and nobody took advantage? Damn it, “homosexual lobby”! How come we did not keep him silent there!

Or do we finally respond and take back the ground and stop these bullying tactics they employ?

What bullying tactics? Once again, Zulfikar’s pal Khairudin call my being a “disease”. People asked him to own responsibility. And there is aggression there? Wow! That must be the most incredible bullying tactic in the world ever! I never thought we can subjugate people by asking for a sorry!

Are we going to do what is right?

Nope, we are all going to do what is good. But alas, we are still waiting for Khairudin’s apology and peace making to the LGBT population. That is good. And right.

Are we finally going to say that the homosexual lobby has gone too far?

Eh, do not worry, Zulkifar. We are still very near to you. Come, let us meet up for lunch!

Are we finally going to say this is enough?

Yes, when we finally are going to say, this is finished.