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I look Asian? Definitely. Chinese? Maybe. Does it matter? No.

The recent rise of ultra-racist groups in Malaysia such as Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) really leaves me puzzled as to how super shallow they define race as they parrot their hate towards the Malaysian Chinese based community. It would be so easy for me to respond to their lack of basic human respect and tolerance, but perhaps there are some things deeper to what race is, and these are my thoughts.

I am known from school as a banana, yellow on the outside, white in the inside, describing my person as being Chinese only on the outlook but almost entirely Western within. Obviously, I read, write and converse in English pretty well, but I still struggle daily while conversing in Cantonese, and I do not read and write Chinese words. When I learn new songs, I have to depend on available pinyin translations.

I am not exactly that Chinese. I do not have classic slant eyes. And growing up in a Malay school, I am actually more Malay than Chinese. And I do not even look entirely Chinese, due to the fact of my upbringing, and more so how environment changes the texture of our skin and how our body adapts to the climate here, which is why Malaysian Chinese folks look different in comparison to people from China.

So the crazy statements made by these insane people from ISMA are astounding. Let alone the fact that I know friends who have Malay and Chinese parents. Does that mean their child is half native half “intruders”? Or is their child lesser than Malay for having Chinese blood? And what exactly makes Malays superior, when everyone is born with gifts to this big world, and regardless of race, superiority is up to the individual?

And as individuals, regardless of skin colour, we all have choices that are not representative of what we are, and what we do should define us as individuals regardless of race. There are essentially the basic human principles of doing the right thing and doing things right as a human being. And if one may argue there is no right or wrong, there is ultimately, good or bad, undeniably. And what this ISMA is doing, is painfully very, very bad.

Imagine this scenario; I call anyone who comes from out of the Klang Valley as trespassers. I say that the migration of people from Perak is a mistake. I deny that people from Perak contributes most to the economy and the growth of Klang Valley, citing the KL folks as contributors too. That Perak people were imported to dispossess KL folks’ “birthright”. Then I label Perak-ians as extremists for not embracing modern living.

Do I not sound utterly ridiculous? Because we are our own individual members of this state called Malaysia. The same way we are citizens on this crummy rock in space called earth. Hence, to draw new lines on this earth and build a box on it, then creep and live inside it while shouting to everyone out of the box as “outsiders”, is essentially what ISMA is doing. In other words, Abdullah Zaik is nuts, and whichever idiot follows him is even more nuts.

Funnily enough, ISMA and their ilk are marginalizing themselves by wishing for less friends to hang around with, wanting to be by themselves, and after placing territorial lines forsaking the Chinese, they call Chinese people ungrateful. For what? It really sounds like a sociopathic group. We thought after the MH 370 tragedy opened Malaysia up as a mere peanut in the eyes of the world, even extremists would wake up to the faux superiority.

It is such that irks me. To espouse a sense of entitlement is an admission to one’s lack of passion and willpower to achieve anything and everything without excuses. To accuse others of attempting to take away any entitlement is confessing that others have passion and willpower to get where they want to be without handouts given to them. It is so easy to be lazy, yet be jealous of those who work their guts out.

We are all called by the universe to do good for each other, and to try live together and be with one another, however difficult. Justice is the opposite side of harm, and when ISMA harms what love binds us together as a humble country with great food, incredible beaches and a beautiful Klang Valley skyline which is built by all races of Malaysia, can we say ISMA is far from superior, or rather very insecure hateful bigots?

I say yes, because we will all live and die one day, and we will have our celebrations and regrets, and while they try to seek ownership of this land, they will one day realize there are leaving this world with nothing. Their distortions will count for nothing, their instigations and provocations meaningless. We all have only one life to live; do they seriously wish to live with such bigotry? They seem that foolish.

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